Feral Bells

 **Please note Feral Bells was originally titled Wedding Etiquette For Ferals. They are the same book.**

RRP $17.99, ISBN 9780987279903

Hilarious yet touching, Peta-Jo’s debut novel uncovers the trials faced by every young woman trying to make something of herself – and leaving home to do it.

LYDIA Vermont’s life isn’t all that complicated. Work hard, have a nice apartment and don’t end up back in Townsville – rules that have served her well.

That is until her sister, newly wed, pregnant and on the fast track to divorce, moves in.

Now family obligations, interfering friends and a disastrous one-night stand have Lydia in a spin.

Is this the life she really wants?

It’s only after tragedy strikes, Lydia realises the rules no longer apply and she must come to grips with new boundaries and new possibilities.

“The wedding scene is a tragi-comedy of hilarious although carefully controlled proportions.” – Robyn Sheahan-Bright (2004 judge of the New Regional Writer Scholarship)

Proceeds from book sales go to SANDS Australia (Queensland branch), helping couples and families through the trauma of miscarriages, stillbirths and neo-natal deaths.

Be sure to check out the reviews page! Or, if you’ve read the book, add your comments.

April launch:

You can watch the on-stage appearance at the Queensland Brides expo in 2011 by clicking here.

Peta-Jo is welcomed onto the stage by MC Leigh Muirhead at the Queensland Brides Wedding and Honeymoon Expo. Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

Author Peta-Jo and Queensland Brides MC Leigh Muirhead discuss the opening scene of a one-night-stand in Feral Bells (then titled Wedding Etiquette For Ferals).  Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

Author Peta-Jo and expo MC Leigh Muirhead discuss the work of SANDS Australia, who support couples and families through miscarriages, stillbirths and neo-natal deaths, that will receive one dollar from every book sold.  Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

Author Peta-Jo giggles with the bridal expo’s MC Leigh Muirhead with the origin of the book’s title, Wedding Etiquette For Ferals (now called Feral Bells).  Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

On stage at the Queensland Brides Wedding and Honeymoon Expo are new author Peta-Jo and MC Leigh Muirhead.  Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

Author Peta-Jo with her husband, Karl Whitney, and their two children at the April debut of her novel, Feral Bells (then title Wedding Etiquette For Ferals).  Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

Some of the elite crowd at the Queensland Brides’ expo include Karen McPaul, Toni Caldwell, Kate Webber, Yvonne Gardiner and Joanne Scott.  Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

Author Peta-Jo with her daughter and old friends Grant Middleton and Darrin Weier with Mitch.  Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

Jan Johansen, Peta-Jo with her daughter, Carolyn Cavanough and Karl Whitney with his son. Jan and Carolyn traveled to Brisbane from Bundaberg to see the launch of Peta-Jo’s debut novel.  Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

Peta-Jo starts signing copies of her first novel, Feral Bells (then titled Wedding Etiquette For Ferals), during the launch in April.  Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

Peta-Jo’s mum Jan Johansen passes on her congratulations at the Queensland Brides Wedding and Honeymoon Expo.  Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

Grant Middleton is first in line for his copy of the newly released Feral Bells (then titled Wedding Etiquette For Ferals).  Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

It’s heads down for author Peta-Jo as she signs copies of her new book at the Queensland Brides Wedding and Honeymoon Expo at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.  Photo courtesy of Sharee Heath.

*The reproduction of these images is permissable with the photo attributed to Sharee Heath.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Margaret Anthony
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 03:53:06

    Congratulations Peta-Jo. Looking forward to reading your book. Have also bought one for Shannon. So happy for you.


  2. Kelly McLean
    Apr 09, 2011 @ 11:48:25

    Peta-Jo, Terrianne and I had a brilliant time at your book launch! Thank you so much for the invitation. Am working on the http://australianwritersrock.com blog now and have photo’s from Terrianne! Thanks for letting mr be part of your special occassion : ) Kel


    • petajo
      Apr 10, 2011 @ 23:18:46

      No worries Kelly, it was lovely to meet you both. I got your email and am happy to answer any and all questions! Will send you a proper reply later today!


  3. Rachel Kelland
    Apr 16, 2011 @ 06:29:22

    I bought your book at the Queensland Bridal Expo and OMG I could not put the book down – I read it in 2 days! It was so funny – looking forward to your next one 🙂 Best book I’ve ever read!


    • petajo
      Apr 18, 2011 @ 03:58:34

      Wow, thanks Rachel – you’re the first non-family/friend person to give me feedback! So glad you liked it (and hope my next one is just as satisfying!).


  4. Cheryse
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 02:13:32

    Wedding Etiquette for Ferals is like stepping onto an old Queenslander verandah and dodging the broken floorboards. The title screams of chick lit but this is a rambling bush story that captures the Australian spirit, especially the spirit of family, despite the distractions of career, alcohol and blinking mobiles. Peta-Jo’s characters are not superheroes. They are as real and ordinary as our farming soil and, beneath the surface, as fragile as their childhoods. Her entourage stumbles through Etiquette (with some quirky romance on the side) until they grasp the Truth. This story is at times humorous but will also make you cry, because it speaks of every girl’s hopes and every woman’s fears…


  5. petajo
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 04:14:45

    Cherie, you’re TOO kind! Be sure to let me know when I can get copies of your work – I write book reviews for MC Reviews (QUT website) and would love to return the favour! xx


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