Foto Finish Friday

Purses and typewriters and copies of books signed by me… these are a few of my favourite things!


Foto Finish Friday

Finding random things in odd places has GOT to be one of the best part of having kids. Unless it’s lego you find stuck in your foot.

But I found this pretty cute. Made me giggle.

As did this… while working one day, daughter decided to play “wake up” under my desk and I had a sort-of out of body experience, looking at the difficulties and wonderment of my life at once.

Yes, she’s sleeping under my desk. Anyone else remember watching The Brittas Empire on ABC? Remember the secretary, Carol? The one who couldn’t afford day care and kept her baby in a drawer? Yep, feeling bit like that!

Foto Finish Friday

This came in the mail this week – it’s a congratulatory letter from the wonderful ladies at Bermingham Books. Honestly, I don’t know where they find the time! But you’ve got to love their style – spreading the love and all.

Are you listening universe? Yes? Good. *whispers* Though I’d be happy to sell enough copies to hire a cleaner.

I shared a little love too this week – sending out review copies to some of my favourite book reviewing gurus.

A little ding-a-ling embellishment in honour of the new title, Feral Bells.

Husband and I discussed this week how we, being regular computer users, find ourselves going to use certain functions in everyday life. Do you do that? Find your fingers itching to hit “control z” when you’ve put the recyclables into the wrong bin? Opening your “task manager” when you’re stuck in a checkout jam? Pressing “control s” when you want to remember something important?

Foto Finish Friday

Getting a delivery of your books is better than Christmas morning! Even if you have to answer the door in a towel (no pics of that, relax!). If you haven’t heard the news, firstly tsk tsk, secondly click here.

They’re filling the space under my desk. Now I get to sign 100 of them. Crikey.

Does BB know I wrote the thing out longhand in the first place?!

This is me trying to be professional. I know. At least I remembered to put my shoes on… after the first dozen photos!

Lastly, this is my International Women’s Day salute. Being a feminist, doesn’t mean you hate men, wear Doc Martens and have no sense of humour. It might have been yesterday but think about why you believe women are equal, share the things that make you think you’re not a feminist (mine’s I’m a romance writer) and realise how little it has to do with women’s equality. Help stop feminism from being a dirty word.

Foto Finish Friday

I took this picture at my son’s Christmas concert – where we sat for hours for a glimpse of our kids performing, before we sat for more hours for Santa to hand out presents. It was long and hot. I found this fellow mum’s tattoo summed it up fairly succinctly. *tongue firmly in cheek*

My son – midflight – at the PCYC and their super awesome foam pit. It is Super. Awesome. Yes, I have jumped in.

Foto Finish Friday

This is the latest member to our ever-expanding family. Called Hey Man. Hey Man is very creepy in the dark.

We parked next to this car the other day and I HAD to take a pic – if it’s not clear – the Daddy is barbecuing Mummy’s head. As you do.

 Now, I’m not one for promoting domestic violence, but any kind of My Family sticker parody needs to be shared.  Yes?

Foto Finish Friday

A little tribute to the background noise in my life…

SOUPE OPERA!!!! *making weird woo-woomp sound*

 “Not the shrinking cap, Grandpa!” That Jason Mason must have a stomach ulcer the size of a giant peach by now. For shame, Grandpa, for shame…

Good ole Blinky Bill… what can I say, if you don’t know him, you soon will!

And this is my favourite – the always ambitious, lisp-ridden Grubby.

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