Miss me?

SO, you may or may not have realised, my bloggity-blog has moved address. I thought I had been super clever and managed to transfer all my lovely subscribers to the new site, but I’ve been informed otherwise (once someone, who first considered the possibility they’d been deliberately blocked, worked up the courage to mention it).

To remedy this (without causing my brain to implode with more website-tech-jargon), I’ll be adding posts to this site for the next four weeks, after which I’ll be cancelling this site.

I know. Scary.

But all you need do is, when you visit the brand-spanking new site, just subscribe there. Or you can follow me on Facebook. Or Twitter. I’m a social media tramp, I am.

Anyway, for your reading pleasure I give you…

Peta-Jo losing her shit over rainy holidays.

Peta-Jo takes her kids on a retro shopping spree.

Peta-Jo and the blurred boundaries of homemaker and breadwinner.

There’s more but I’ll let you go now and make your way to an orderly fashion to the new, candy-striping lollapalooza-type site.

Big kisses… Peta-JoImage


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