Mid-week review

IT was kind of kismet that the first thing I review would be a range of children’s shampoo and conditioners.

Why, you ask? Well, because I’ve continued to use Johnson’s baby shampoo despite the fact my children are now aged two and four.

Living in the past much?

Anyway, I had considered that, while the smell of baby’s hair is SHEER delight, it was perhaps time for a change. Especially given one child has lots of hair that he refuses to have properly cut off and the other is a basically a headful of ringlets.

Exhibit A:

So, we used the new No More Tangles shampoo, conditioner and anti-tangle for the first time last week.

Aside from a stupid manufacturing blunder which meant my husband had to stab open the conditioner with the kitchen scissors, it was Good.

Husband deemed it smelt like watered-down watermelon. Not a bad thing. And I, in my relative fug of tired mummy-brain trying to wash two kids, thought it was actually called No More Apples. Because that’s what you want out of a shampoo, yes?

For some reason, I didn’t question that til I later thought “I better check the name for reviewing purposes”.

My son sang “popcorn head” as I washed his hair, which I take as a good sign. And both kids’ hair was much more manageable than usual.

My kids are probably thanking God for this small mercy, because me with a comb is a bit like Poseidon and his trident. All aggression and threats and stabbing combs into scalps because they won’t BLOODY STAND STILL.

I give Johnson’s No More Tangles range, three out of five stars.

You can find them in the baby aisle of your supermarket.


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