Foto Finish Friday

Getting a delivery of your books is better than Christmas morning! Even if you have to answer the door in a towel (no pics of that, relax!). If you haven’t heard the news, firstly tsk tsk, secondly click here.

They’re filling the space under my desk. Now I get to sign 100 of them. Crikey.

Does BB know I wrote the thing out longhand in the first place?!

This is me trying to be professional. I know. At least I remembered to put my shoes on… after the first dozen photos!

Lastly, this is my International Women’s Day salute. Being a feminist, doesn’t mean you hate men, wear Doc Martens and have no sense of humour. It might have been yesterday but think about why you believe women are equal, share the things that make you think you’re not a feminist (mine’s I’m a romance writer) and realise how little it has to do with women’s equality. Help stop feminism from being a dirty word.

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