Keep the NY noise down, I’m trying to sleep

EVERYWHERE, everyone is spewing out saccharine odes to the New Year, bellowing out positivity into the universe.

Oh, for it to be any other time! Between everyone’s obsession with The Secret-method of living, the well-wishing, the doco my husband’s watching on the relentless pursuit of dreams… I am SPENT.

It’s not inspiring if it’s overwhelming. And, now I’m privy to everyone’s furious status-updating, it’s all I see (very close to disabling my FB account as my NY resolution, but seems kind of infantile – like taking my ball and going home. I’m undoubtedly as guilty as the rest).

I’ve been pursuing my own goals so vigorously for so long – and I doubt I’ll quit – but I definitely need some “down time” once in a while. I kind of feel this need to switch it off.

Apparently there is a market for this now (of course there is!)

This deafening noise of other’s ambitions is exhausting my already-fatigued brain. And my thoughts are in this blinding strobe-light effect of ideas and sorrow. It’s impossible to think straight.

I’m pretty sure I’m staggering around grabbing blindly at random tasks to accomplish, half-finishing them and then groping for something else, poking a child in the eye in the process, probably. Generally feel shit about the shit job I’m doing.

I’ve no doubt this will severely temper the audacious positivity radiating out of social media presently and I am sorry for that. I love a good bit of schmaltz as much as the next person.

Just think of this as the quiet back room at the New Year’s nightclub. The “behind the scenes” of other’s people’s shining light.


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