Foto Finish Friday

OKAY, so it may have got a bit confusing when a FFF came out mid-week (sorry about that) but to set the universe back on its axle, here’s a bona fide FFF. In honour of my reading The Time Traveller’s Wife (finally!!), I took my kids back in time.

To the Historical Museum.

Fairly sure that Daughter would have been slapped with a ruler for having her shoulders exposed like that. Fortunately the teacher was also from 2011. She used a fricken laser.

But you can’t blame her. I mean, I’d be pretty wound up too if I had to wear two petticoats and couldn’t loiter in icecream parlours. (Obviously the 2011 teacher still has to abide by 1915 standards, otherwise they’d revoke her teaching licence, not to mention her laser!)

Ah, typewriters before they were turned into jewellry. The loud clanking will always reverberate through my memory and my left little finger will always be a little bit crooked (Qwerty has a lot to answer for… what a stupid place to put a vowel as well-used as A!).

It was time to go, so we found a convenient telephone box (see, totally old school – who uses a pay phone anymore?!) and transported back (or forward) to 2011 for petticoat-less icecream parlour loitering.


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