Foto Finish Friday

IT was our anniversary last weekend. We celebrated by doing some whale watching and having lunch on Fraser Island. We didn’t expect to be mugged.

But that’s what happened. We were “mugged” by whales, according to the boat captain who used the term to describe two mischievous whales circling the boat and refusing to let us move. We were their delighted, captive audience.

The photos don’t really do it justice. They were so close. They were so friendly. The more we cheered, the more they performed.

It was, in short, incredible.

Obviously this isn’t a whale. It’s my husband looking super cold as we made our way to Platypus Bay.

There’ll be a swift smack on the legs for anyone who says THIS is the whale. It’s me and the babes on the back deck of the Quick Cat II. I’m setting the scene here, people, whale photos are coming….

Two whales approach. Look closely and you can see their switchblades. Yep, we should have seen the “mugging” coming.

And here he is saying “gimme all your money”.

Though he was polite, waving goodbye.

Understandably, we were all a little jumpy after that. Here’s my son trying to catch out the ocean which was quite blatantly following him up the sand.

We obviously needed to find higher ground and escape the naughty waves. It was only after I’d let the kids scale Fraser Island’s sand dunes that I read the pamphlet saying not to let little ones out of arm’s reach. Oops. Though we didn’t see a single dingo.

Bear Grylls Son makes it to base camp.

Australia’s Next Top Mummy – see? Totally within arm’s reach and looking super cool in the process. *coughs

Love this photo – little bit Blue Lagoon, little bit Lord of the Flies. 😉

PS It would be remiss of me to not expand on this day-away package. For two adults, one child and one infant, we got to spend the morning whale watching (breakfast and morning tea included), followed by lunch on Fraser Island at Kingfisher Resort’s Sand Bar and an hour-long ranger guided bush walk (or you can opt for the fishing clinic) then catch the last barge home. It was a long, but fun-filled day (even if our kids spotted a playground during the bush walk and made us cut class!). If you flash your Staycations card (for locals only) then it comes to a measly (husband, stop reading!) $217. This isn’t a sponsored post, just think it’s great value… but if you’re like me, you’ll be disappointed to leave Fraser so soon.


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