I OFTEN find I’ve got lots of little odds and ends to share with you that don’t necessarily make a decent blog post on its own. So I’m going to break them down into … yes, you guessed it… snippets.

1) Son is still tormented by his new day-care arrangement and I still have those doubts… whether I ought to be listening to the gnawing in my gut or the women at the centre who tell me he’s doing great. Whether I’m right to give him that little push, or whether he’s actually not ready for this. I guess he’ll let me know when he’s in his twenties.

2) I think my daughter is eating through her emotions. She seems to constantly want food when her brother is away. Cake, icecream, biscuits. Not a carrot stick or anything. She is definitely my daughter.

3) I’m writing an article on how couple’s handle mis-matched libidos. That is when one wants more sex than the other. Would love to know how others make compromises in the bedroom. Seriously. I’m talking to Australia’s leading sex therapist Dr Rosie King on Wednesday, so want to give her lots of “actual accounts” and whether she thinks that solution is viable. Let’s face it, the same way one person is tidier or more fiscally responsible than the other, there’s always one half of a couple that wants more sex than the other. Let’s own the problem and share solutions. Please!!

4) I’ll be speaking at the inaugural Indie Author’s Festival on the Gold Coast on October 29. Visit their website for more details. It’ll be a great chance to speak to others if you’re considering self-publishing your writing and to support new local talent (like me *pokes tongue).

5) You must check out the newly relaunched Mums Lounge and, in particular, you must check it out on September 9 when I will be their featured writer. If you haven’t yet bought a copy of Wedding Etiquette For Ferals then you’re in for a treat. You can read the first chapter FREE at Mums Lounge on September 9 and decide if you want to read the rest. No pressure. *shakes fist at you surreptitiously… smiles.

6) Have an AWESOME Monday – even if it means stopping at the bottle-o..xx


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  1. Cheryse Durrant
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 13:10:09

    That’s wicked, Peta-Jo. You know the first few pages of Wedding Etiquette will draw readers in. I hope you have an awesome time at the Indie Author’s Festival. Sorry I can’t be there. All the Best.


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