Random Words Wednesday

THE breeze is still cold, still briskly chasing the tail end of Winter. But if you stand in the sun, it’s warm. The sunlight possesses the kind of Spring warmth to make fern fronds unfurl.

For a few years, this has been my time to celebrate unions and new babies. It’s generally the time of the year my feet – once clodding about in office shoes – would itch for change. And as my single life evolved into a family and I ditched my work boots, every August or September I’ve celebrated life in its most fundamental forms. I met my husband, married him, had my babies.

I am Spring incarnate – full with the promise of procreation.

Except this year. Which is perhaps why I catch myself standing idle and not sure what to do; unsure how to feel. I want so much – and typically of me, have a timeframe – but it’s all so very long-term.

Therein lies the catch, things are long-term because I have things to do now – namely write a second book. But this feeling, this borderline moroseness makes writing tedious. Makes it hard. Makes the couch and a hot cocoa look far more inviting.

How can I be itching for The Dynamic Life and yet be filled with lethargy?! 

My timeline for book two - somehow feels more concrete when written on black board in silver pen.


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