Back in my day…

I LIKE Grug. Always have. Probably always will.

You may remember Grug from your primary school library – he was the main character in a series of books: Grug Builds A Boat, Grug Goes to School, Grug Gets His Drink On (may have made that last one up).

I have Grug books for my kids. In fact, when I found them at a shop, I think embarassed them with a girlish squeal and flapping my hands.

I performed a similar act when I saw my friend selling a “Peter Coombes” DVD. *Squeeeee…

I sat my kids down to enthrall them with “Toffee Apple” and “Newspaper Mama” (that ought to be my blog title!) and was disappointed to see they were far less excited than I.

Their grandad brought them a collection of Wind in the Willows books which I was similarly delighted by (though I wasn’t a huge fan – Toad scared me).

I had been thinking recently of all the things my kids will take for granted. That I’ll be able to say things like “I remember when I didn’t have debit cards, just a passbook account”, “I remember the first time I ever used the internet” (it was sloooooow and was not the all-encompassing, universe-shifting concept I had built it up to be), “when I was little we had just two TV channels, Seven and ABC”, or (as a Facebook friend reminded me recently) “I didn’t download songs when I was a kid, just taped the Top 40 off the radio and hoped Barry Bistle wouldn’t talk too much at the start!”

It’s funny how you think all the change happened in your parents day and that, by the time you are an adult, changes won’t be so noticeable.

But even the little things seem huge. Remembering to rewind videos before returning them, or carrying out trash cans before wheelie bins came in. Remember what a McDonalds playground was like in your day? A few wobbly Grimaces to ride on, perhaps a slide and one of those awful spinning things that made me throw up my thickshake.

Now it’s a series of tunnels and slides with a couple of air holes and steering wheels.

I did a quick trawl for a dated photo of me… I know there are plenty. But none handy of me in poofy bridesmaids dresses or a hypercolour shirt or even sporting a scrunchie or fluoro socks. All I can come up with is this t-shirt. A fave of mine in the day back when Channel V was known as Red.


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