Random Words Wednesday

MINI milestones that I love:

When your baby is old enough to pretend to read books.

When your toddler learns how to make friends in the playground. Or, when there are no other kids, how to imagine there are!

When your baby copies dance moves from the Lipton Ice Tea ad. Tries to, anyway.

When your kids are both of an age, that you need to start labelling things. I never thought there’d be a more satisfying feeling than writing my name on the inside of a newly purchased book, but there IS – writing your kid’s name on the inside of their books!! (I can’t wait till I have to buy them stationery!)

When your son embraces his role of big brother and offers baby sister things like: showing her how to do a puzzle, pointing out what each food is on her plate, and actually wanting her attention as he attempts some heroic feat (like climbing his bunk bed without using the ladder).

When your baby first says “I love you” unprompted.

When your son’s problem solving skills reach new heights. Such as when he suggested we use a boat to recover the hair tie he had inadvertently flicked off the balcony at the Boat Club and into the marina.

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