Foto Finish Friday

Rainy days and doldrums. Here’s some stuff from around the place. Meh.


I should probably clean this, hey? Meh.

Hey Karra, sit up and let me take your photo? Dog says meh.

Son’s tomato garden. Love my son, love that Husband and he put together a little potted garden.

Would love to be completely self-sufficient. If someone else did it for me. Meh.

First bit of fabric purchased solely with the intent of “sewing” myself a cute little top (after being inspired by a fellow mummy blogger whose name and URL escape me – that’s what I get for reading too many mummy blogs!) when my good-intentioned SIL gave me her old sewing machine and left with no more excuses to not TRY and make something. (Yes, I’m using the kids’ chalk to mark it up!)

This photo has been floating around on my desk for oh, let’s say, 12 months now (definitely longer) waiting for me to decide where it ought to go. And just recently, my son has taken a keen interest in it. It’ s of his grandad – back in the day – dredging for gold in a waterway somewhere (I want to say Mt Perry). A few things about this picture… I like it because it’s obvious my dad is in pursuit of greatness in it’s most original form and the mystery that was the dredging machine which took up residence in our shed is in full use. Now, I also like it because, in explaining it to Son, it’s become Grandad searching for clues and treasure. Very cool. And quite un-Meh.

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