Random Words Wednesday

I don’t think that I’ve done an ACTUAL wrap-up of the book launch recently. It was crazy, scary, cool. You can click on “Wedding Etiquette For Ferals” page under the banner and see all the lovely piccies courtesy of one Sharee Heath.

Given that I was feeling quite overwhelmed and terrified, it all seemed to go well and the feedback I’ve received has been very complimentary. In all the marketing madness I forgot that people would actually be reading my book. The idea was surprisingly frightening, given that people have been reading my words in some form or another for very many years now. But this was different.

About 20 minutes ago (when I wrote this on Monday), I got my first feedback from a non-family/friend and it was GOOD. Holy crap-a-doodle! I want to send this woman a bunch of roses, such is my gratitude. Of course, I’m bound to get a bad review at some point and I’m hoping that all the “I’m pinching myself” good stuff will also result in a tough skin.

And then there’s this… Australian Writer’s Rock founder Kelly McLean attended the launch and was just the most eager and lovely interviewer. She put some very nice words on her site, here, and again, I want to send out another bunch of sweet-smelling flowers that would brighten her day almost as much as she has brightened mine.

I’ve been thanking everyone who covered the book and the launch lately in magazines and newspapers, but I wanted to pay special mention to: Karen McPaul who, despite being in the thick of her first pregnancy (YAY!) and fresh from a stint of media wrangling for none other than Prince William, was my right-hand gal on the day; Sharee Heath for being good enough to capture the day for me… and lastly, a hearty hug and too many kisses on the forehead (that don’t result in bruising, Cav!) to my mum and sister who came all the way from Bundaberg to see me on stage.

Husband, I haven’t forgotten you… but the book is dedicated to you. So you’re not allowed to complain! 😉

So you know, the whole reason I self-published and marketed my book was to feel I could “get on with” the second book. And it’s worked, the creative juices are flowing people and it feels really, really good.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Belinda
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 13:26:25

    Congrats Peta – so happy and excited for you. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!!


    • petajo
      Apr 25, 2011 @ 02:58:05

      Thanks Belinda – hope you like it! Hope the family is doing well? Did you all come through the floods okay?..xx


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