Foto Finish Friday

Yawn… today’s Foto Finish comes to you courtesy of the kids and their toys. Toys that fill my house and that fill my days with endless “picking up”. But some days they catch me by surprise… and I still sometimes wonder if they come out to play by themselves at night.

Even in the bath, there is no escaping TOYS.

Can’t always count on my son sitting down to breakfast, but Iggle Piggle? I can count on him. Maybe Son thinks I won’t notice his absence if he puts someone in his place. 

Donkey can’t resist checking out the beautiful day outside.

Cute as a doll, but this is actually my Daughter and her First Ever Ponytail. *wipes tear, “they grow up so fast”.

This is a week early, but I imagine this time next Friday I’ll be stuffing my face with chocolate fish. Happy Easter to all, and to all a good ANZAC Day!


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