Foto Finish Friday

As you read this, I’ll be in my lovely friend’s Possum Place retreat most likely freaking out at the stage appearance I have to make tomorrow. But I’m writing this on Sunday (ah, the wonders of WordPress) and still feeling like the whole book thing is another world away.

In this world now though, there’s plenty of sandy beaches and even a fish or two. Never any waves though.

There are tiny shells to pick up with delicate fingers and inspect with wide-open minds.

There is a beautiful dog who won’t stay inside her yard and who won’t eat sand, but will entertain the idea just to keep the children happy.

In this world, my kids run barefoot through the mouth of  Tooan Tooan Creek at low tide and listen to the bats screech maniacally.

In this world, my husband sees a fish fighting the current and has to help him out to the big, blue sea.

(There may be plenty of others, but he is the only fish for me… my husband, that is!)


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