Gag reflex

IF you’ve seen I Heart Huckabees, you’ll know the scene where Jude Law’s character, repeating his Shania Twain story for the umpteenth time, throws up?

It’s a little bit how I’m feeling about my book.

Don’t get me wrong, my book offers far more substance than a tuna sandwich with mayo (alright, marginally more…), but I’m beginning to tire quickly of talking about the book.

I’ve never been on this side of the PR before and I have a whole new respect for what my friends in the land of Spin have to do – Every Day, for products/clients/companies that have far less to do with their own creative aspirations than my book has for me.

I really hope that this blog doesn’t come off as dismissive to the wonderful people who have plugged my book on their covers, in their newspapers and on their blogs, because in all honesty, I’m blown away each time someone says they’d love to do something on it.

But writing press releases about where the book came from, where I’m at in my career, et cetera, is making my head hurt.

I fear that by the time the launch arrives (this Saturday! cripes!) I’ll be winded. I won’t be able to catch my breath at all, let alone form a full sentence.

So, as an antonym to this feeling, I’m dedicating this blog to one Carolyn Jess-Cooke, a brilliant poet and author that I was lucky enough to meet during a scholarship at the Varuna Writer’s Centre. Back in the day, neither of us were married nor mothers and a lot has changed since then, but I suspect that she still wears glittery eye-shadow and she still writes with intimacy and beauty.

I’ve had a girl crush on her since I read Newborn. I can’t find it online to share with you, so you’ll have to trust me when I say it is one of the most beautiful and apt descriptions of motherhood I’ve read.

And now I’m itching to read her book, The Guardian Angel’s Journal which is not only on  Amazon’s Top Ten bestselling”metaphysical and visionary” chart, but is also number five on the foreign fiction bestseller chart in Italy!

Pretty cool, huh? It’s about a mother who dies and is sent back to earth as a guardian angel – to herself. She is forced by divine mandate to re-experience and record her biggest mistakes and fiercest regrets from the beginning of her life to her untimely death.

She sets out to change the course of her life but realises that the reasons behind her teenage son’s descent into drugs and murder lay within her own actions as Margot.

So she makes a pact with a demon – she will give up her place in Heaven in exchange for the opportunity to save her son from his fate. But the changes she makes result in consequences no one could expect…

Chills. I can’t wait to read this book. Here is her blog. And here is where you can buy a copy. And below is the “trailer” (yes, some books come with trailers now!) and even though it’s in Italian – I still love it!

Also, big thank-yous go to Belinda Seeney, Kerrie Alexander, Alistair Brightman, Kelly McLean, Yvonne Gardiner, Peter Foley, Kate Limon and Michael, Scott Rowe, Carolyn Jess-Cooke and everyone who spruiked my book launch on their Facebook pages. You can see all the media coverage by clicking on news in the options above.

See you all on Saturday! (I’ll be the one signing books)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Veronica
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 03:22:51

    Good luck with the launch!!


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