Foto Finish Friday

Today’s Foto Finish is brought to you by our local swim centre. We go every Saturday and shove the kids’ heads under water and tell them how great they are when they come back up!

We wait for the previous class to finish in the kiddy change zone – replete with a fighter jet for the kids to sit in, toys to play with, change tables and lots of copyright infringement on the walls.

This is the typical end of a swim lesson, better known as free play. Far right, you’ll see a woman standing at the bottom of a green slide – Daughter loves swishing down this slide and plunging to the bottom of the pool (seriously, I usually find her at about my knees). Son is a fan of the “car”, shown empty in this pic.

In our Rewards Points system, children are rewarded for overcoming irrational fears such as sitting on a floating mat, with a snake or pack of Nerds afterwards. Earn enough reward points for a python or trip to the US… Sadly on this day, we were passing the canteen treat-free and I couldn’t resist taking this pic of our forlorn boy.

But who are we kidding? This was their morning tea… spoilt much? Oh, and their paintings in the background. Busy morning at Chez Dietary Fibre.


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