Random Words Wednesday

TEN things from my past that seem completely incongruous with the person I am today:

1)  Being comfortable during weekly “broadcasts” on radio and tv (was uni stuff, so not quite the real thing!) But given my dizzying reaction to being filmed recently, suspect I’m not the uber-cool media professional I had imagined I would be.

2)  Giggling as bestie (ever professional) tried to sniff the hair of Premier’s bodyguard without being tackled… or maybe she wanted to be tackled!

3) Picking beans on the farm. On that note, using scales and MATHS SKILLS to serve customers at our fruit and veggie stall.

4) Enjoying Alf.

5) Doing the conga with kids at the shopping centre while dressed as a fairy.

6) Using a twin tub to do my laundry. *shudders…

7) An earring at the top of my ear that I kept for years despite EVERY hairdresser almost ripping it out with her comb.

8 ) Wearing a cap with the brim turned up (very Girlfriend of me) replete with friendship pins and maybe a dab of puff paint.

9) AGREEING to get into a hot air balloon filled with councillors. What was I thinking?!

10) Realising my first crush: lead singer from A-Ha (Take On Me). Actually that’s not incongruous, that still makes sense to me! Mmm, sketchy. But I guess recognising those churning feelings for the first time can only ever happen once.

What memories do you have that feel as if they’re from another life?

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