Random Words Wednesday

I’M tough.

How tough?

So tough that when I broke my toe (kicking the couch in the dark – I mean really?!), not only did I refrain from screaming, but I picked up crying baby, carried her back to our bed and put her to sleep while mooshing said broken toe on the mattress in a feeble attempt to make it look normal again.

 I didn’t even get up to grab the frozen peas (very Great Aunt Loretta of me, which, by the by, Son has disproportionate loathing of, so definitely not in my best interests for him to wake finding woman rubbing frozen peas on her foot).

Okay, so I may have been more tired than tough – since I really thought I hadn’t broken it (despite the 90 degree angle it was poking out of my foot from) but maybe just “stretched a tendon” and that it just needed “re-moulding”.

It did sting but, tough bitch that I am, suffered in silence so as not to wake the two kids who had taken up residence in our bed. Again.

That’s another story.

I do wish I’d taken a photo though to make you want to gag. As it does to me whenever the image pops into my head.

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