Floods and flaming turtles

I’M SCARED for Ipswich. For the beautiful home I left behind, now under threat (but funnily enough not under my insurance policy for flooding!), for the friends who became my second family there. While I’m glad to be out of danger, I almost wish I was there to hold onto the hands of those who need it. To offer help to those who need it.

I lived in Toowoomba for three years too and I could not believe my eyes when I saw their “inland tsunami” on the news this morning. That quiet little West Creek, barely more than a storm drain where I used to let my dog go for a quick dip on hot days, turned into a raging torrent the likes I’ve never seen, especially not in drought-striken Toowoomba!

My head is racing with all this catastrophe. I gave what I could (not much) for the Bundaberg flood victims (my hometown) and now more people will need help. I had to stop watching the news because I can literally feel my heart beating harder.

But the mood doesn’t disappear when you hit the remote.

At the shops here, there is no bread, no milk and the petrol stations are quickly running out of fuel. So we waited in line for fuel, waited in line for bread (to the old couple who pushed in front of me and my two children – but couldn’t look me in the eye – for shame!), and we took the last of the long-life milk (organic oat milk, that’s all they had).

For those of you unfamiliar with the terrain – this flooding has cut off (again) major roads to our town. Nothing is getting past Gympie, so everyone is stocking up.

That’s where my head was at when…. my daughter burnt both her hands this morning. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Just another minor catastrophe on my watch… you’ll read more about it in Thursday’s Fraser Coast Chronicle. But long story short… new playground has steel turtle that works like a drum. Said steel turtle is sitting in full sun. My daughter who couldn’t handle the pedals with her feet (as you’re meant to do), leant down for balance when Said Steel Turtle in Full Sun on Hot Day scalded both her palms.

I feel horribly responsible for this despite the fact I was standing right beside her (not neglecting her) but did think about a micro-second before she reached down that it could be hot. Scalding hot, no, but a bit hot.

She was one of three or four similar burn cases in the hospital that morning.

So a short ambulance ride (and a not so short wait at the hospital) later, she’s wrapped up and exhausted from her morning of screaming cries. Bless her, she’s a trooper. I love her to bits. I love her brother too who instructed her to “take deep breaths” and opened the door ready for the paramedics.

I’m feeling sad, lucky, nervous, useless…. I just hope everyone will be okay. Remember to give, click here.


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  3. Glowless
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 06:45:41

    Oh poor poppet, and what a great big brother! I’m constantly amazed at how quickly things move with an active baby from safe one second to in harms way the next.
    I wouldn’t have thought it could get hot enough to burn like that, like you said, hot yes, but scalding no way.
    Hope she’s all better by now.
    Visiting from the AMB Blog Carnival 🙂


    • petajo
      Feb 09, 2011 @ 02:16:18

      I know! I believe they powdercoated the turtle, but we haven’t been back since… the lack of shade is a problem at that park. Thanks for visiting, I’m off to discover “glowless” now!


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