The challenge has been set


MARKETING to Milk blogger has set a challenge to post seven things people don’t know about me… I’ve spent the morning wondering just what people didn’t know, what I’d be happy to share and what wouldn’t bring my sanity into question.

I came up with the following…

1) I was born on Mother’s Day, that’s how much of a gift I am. I made the papers (and not the babies page either!)

2) I’m a notorious daydreamer and “silly heart” (description courtesy of the stern headmistress on Uncle Buck). I’m often caught out not listening to people because my mind has wandered far far away.  On the same note, I imagine countless scenarios that have the capacity to wrench me out of the everyday, and how I would manage said situation. For example, a fire breaks out in the kitchen, how do I rescue the children? Or if a burglar breaks in, what’s the nearest implement that could be used as a weapon? And my new favourite (on account of our new home near the ocean), how fast I can negotiate traffic if I knew a tsunami was coming and had to get to higher ground.

3) If you’ve worked with me, you have probably noticed this already. I have a loud phone voice, not that I think the world needs to hear my Very Important Call, but I believe it comes from my mother who also speaks unnecessarily loudly while on the phone.

4) I have vomited the past two mornings. I’d be more concerned except that I have a contraceptive wire in my arm and – if I AM pregnant – will make lots and lots of money from the law suit!

5) I’m also a counter (similar to M2M). I count stairs mostly because I feel I ought to focus (as I’m also pretty clumsy) and counting helps me do that.

6) I must have routine. Forget about the benefits it has for the kids, I slip into the doldrums quite easily if I have nought to keep me busy. I have tried to challenge this facet of myself – using an RDO to deliberately have no plans and just see how I went (this was pre-children). I ended up rearranging some very heavy furniture, which is usually what I find myself doing when I have free time or am in nesting mode.  Now I accept that’s just who I am and I’m okay with that.

7) I’m wearing a pink shirt that has Vishnu (I think) on it. It’s one of my favourites because I bought it whilst on holiday in Cairns when I was about six months pregnant and found little of the clothing I brought with me was comfortable. It was at a market and the stallholder (who had lived in India – one of my favourite places) was so delighted to have a first customer so early (we were on Toddler Time) that he kissed the $20 I gave him and rubbed it over all his merchandise to “pass on the good luck”.

So now it is my turn to pass this on to seven mummy bloggers. (As yet, I haven’t added any of my favourite sites to my blogroll, so this is probably the first time you’ve even heard of me. But I’ve been reading your stuff, giggling quietly (because I always “compute” during kids nap times) and nodding sagely at your honest words!

But if you too are up for the challenge, then you need to:

  • Copy the award to your blog
  • Insert a link to the person who nominated you (i.e. me!) 
  • Tell us seven things about yourself that you haven’t told us before
  • Nominate seven other bloggers for the award
  • Link to their blogs
  • Tell the nominees about their awardSo my seven super nominees are Good Golly Miss Holly, Parsing Nonsense, Maybe If You Just Relaxed, Not That You Asked, Parenting From ScratchNotes To Self, The RiskTaker’s Guide To Endorphins.
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    1 Comment (+add yours?)

    1. Parsing Nonsense
      Apr 12, 2010 @ 19:34:36

      Thank you for the nomination! We’ll see if my little man will permit me the time to reciprocate!


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