Wonder years indeed

I’M holding my little girl a little tighter today (in fact, she’s asleep in my arms while I type – multi-tasking at its finest).

Another mum’s option for more children was forfeited in favour of her health and her personal ordeal turned to tears as she nursed my baby. She admitted the reality of it just hit home as my two-month old looked up at her.

My heart plunged for her and I cursed my social ineptitude asking her to babysit while I made a dash for the toilet.

So often I joke on the challenges of parenting but I should add that the “parenting schmaltz” is also true. It is not just the most rewarding job of all, it is also the most life-affirming.

Their life comes before your own and you do all that’s in your power to make them whole and happy. You re-evaluate the things you took for granted in your own life. And you begin to see others in a new light, ie. how would I feel if that happened to my children?

Then there’s the new innocence they bring to your world, where you can experience everything anew through their eyes and you can begin to play again.

One of my favourite things to do is watch my two-year old’s ecstatic jumping when they use the parachute at kindergym. All that colour swirling about him.  I like to think when he laughs in his sleep, that is what he is dreaming about.

Or, just today, I watched my youngest focus intently on her dummy and managed to convince her wayward limbs to swing toward it, where she actually grabbed it in her chubby little hand and shoved it to her mouth. Of course, it was the wrong end, so I had to help out but that kind of accomplishment is as cherished as anything I can manage.

Parenting is hard. No question. But it’s important to celebrate all the beauty your children bring to your world. I say ‘celebrate’ not ‘remember’ because, frankly, it’s hard to forget those things.

However, perhaps the next time someone remarks on your young ones, leave out the quips about them going home with someone else and revel at the exquisite opportunity you have to guide a young life through the world.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Belinda Lattimore
    Nov 21, 2009 @ 06:01:32

    You certainly have a way with words. Thank you for reminding me to celebrate! It is so important not to overlook all the joy that our little ones bring to our lives. They discover the world through innocent eyes……. it really is a privilege to be able to celebrate this journey with them.


    • petajo
      Dec 12, 2009 @ 11:46:35

      Thanks Belinda – I’m glad you liked it. It did make me appreciate mine all the more. Hope you and Benjamin are doing well.


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